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Quality Control Flowchart

Note: The quality control flowchart uses a plastic/ceramic package as a representative sample. Some tests and inspections may not be applicable to all product categories.

Incoming Inspection

Quality assurance departments perform incoming inspection of materials at the time of procurement. 
This inspection helps guarantee the quality of products that we purchase.

In-Process Inspections

Our manufacturing groups implement these inspections to set control items and standards for each manufacturing process. Prompt feedback maintains and improves the quality consciousness throughout the groups. Inspections occur regularly for each production line.

In-Process QA Inspection

The Quality Assurance Groups perform inspections at the end of each manufacturing phase. 
Using the sampling standards, the groups confirm the level of quality before the products proceed to the next phase.

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

SPC is performed for especially important parameters in the manufacturing processes. Engineering groups set the major quality parameters and their specified values for the manufacturing processes to assure proper quality. The manufacturing groups determine control values for production process equipment and conditions. 
Once mass production begins, the manufacturing groups implement control plans to check and improve the product capability of each process. 
Some important parameters are critical dimensions, monitor characteristics, bonding strength, electrical characteristics and yield. Computer software checks each parameter automatically.

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