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Failure Analysis

We carefully analyze all returned products that we receive from customers, take suitable measures to prevent recurrence and provide analytical feedback to the concerned groups. Because this feedback can directly improve reliability, it is our policy to give customer complaints full attention and to do everything possible to resolve problems. 
Customer complaints are first directed to the Sales/Customer Support Department. Information is then passed on to the Reliability & QA Department for electronic and physical analysis to determine the cause of the failure. Related divisions take appropriate measures based on the results of these analysis. Furthermore, in order to fully correct the problem, similar measures are taken at all our manufacturing facilities.

1.     Presentation of Information related to Defective Products 
For analysis of defective products, the more information there is about the defects, the more accurate failure analysis is possible. For this reason, we elicit as much detailed information from the customer as possible when receiving the customer complaint.

2.     Returning Defective Goods 
Customers are requested to send defective products in the original defective state, preventing exterior defect condition change, so that proper analysis may be performed.

3.     Customer Complaints Handling Period (Standard) 
Whenever a customer complaint arises, the Reliability and Quality Assurance Department responds with an interim report within two days of receipt of the customer complaint. 
The Department produces a final report within two weeks of receipt of the customer complaint.


Investigation of Causes due to Fault Analysis

Identification of Root Causes

Each of our factories not only monitor for faults during the production process, but also monitor the results of wafer probing tests and final testing of completed products, and analyze the causes of defective products. These results are then used as feedback to the production process. Furthermore, the results of analysis of defective products that are actually returned from our customers are essential for preventing the malfunctions that occur for customers. The results are immediately reported to the related departments and the department will establish the preventive measures.

The analytic result obtained in this way is not only that the faults to be fixed, but also used to develop measures to prevent problems. 
The measures are also distributed sideways to areas where similar problems may occur.


In-Process Troubleshooting

Whenever a problem arises that might affect the quality and reliability of the manufacturing process, the Quality Assurance Division immediately investigate the cause and implements countermeasures to correct the problem. The Division also confirms the effectiveness of countermeasures.


Ensuring Continuous Improvement

We set objectives for continuous improvement in quality, cost and delivery. Joining forces to enhance quality and reliability, we meet customers' demands through a comprehensive quality improvement campaign.

  •  Improvement with in-process data
  •  Customer's feedback

When implementing improvement plans, we use statistical and QC techniques. In addition, we regularly measure customer satisfaction and incorporate the findings into our future improvement plans. 
Furthermore, we set and strive to achieve goals for continuous improvement plans.

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